$44,000 Fine for Undisclosed Retouching

A new law in France requires that photos where the model’s shape has been altered to make it appear thinner or larger must be labeled as having been retouched (“photographie retouchée“). The penalty for violating this law is 37,500 euros (approximately US$44,200).
Embed from Getty Images

According to the French Health Ministry, the law is intended “to avoid the promotion of unattainable ideas of beauty and to prevent youth anorexia”.

In response to the new law, which took effect October 1, 2017, Getty Images has issued a statement indicating that images where a model’s body shape or contour has been retouched will no longer be accepted into the Getty Images creative library. The statement further clarified that this type of image manipulation had already been prohibited for editorial content based on the Getty Images’ Editorial Integrity Policy.

The full statement from Getty Images can be found here: