New Course: Sharing Photos with Photoshop Elements

We have published a new course in the GreyLearning library focused on showing you the many ways you can share your photos using both the Photoshop Elements Organizer and the Photoshop Elements Editor.

The course is called “Photoshop Elements: Sharing Photos”, and it includes lessons that guide you through the process of exporting copies of your photos, sending images easily via email, creating a calendar featuring your photos, and much more.

The “Photoshop Elements: Sharing Photos” course is included in the “Mastering Photoshop Elements” bundle of courses available through GreyLearning. In addition, you can purchase “Sharing Photos” as a standalone course here:


New Course: Organizing Photos in Photoshop Elements

We have published a new course in the GreyLearning library focused on helping you truly understand the various organizational features in the Photoshop Elements Organizer. The course, called “Photoshop Elements: Organizing Photos”, will enable you to define (and follow) a workflow that helps you manage your photos with confidence.

The “Photoshop Elements: Organizing Photos” course is included in the “Mastering Photoshop Elements” course, which you can find on the GreyLearning website here:

In addition, “Organizing Photos” is available as a standalone course here:

New Course: “Photoshop Quick Tips”

We have published a new “Photoshop Quick Tips” course in the GreyLearning library, featuring a new episode every week with quick tips to help you make the most of Adobe Photoshop.

Every Friday we will add a new lesson, with tips aimed at helping you discover “hidden” features in Photoshop, techniques for leveraging various tools and features, and more. This course is included in the “GreyLearning Ultimate” Bundle as well as the “Photoshop for Photographers” Bundle. You can also purchase this course individually, at a low initial price of just $9.

If you’d like to get a new quick tip on Photoshop every week, you can get all of the details on the GreyLearning website here:

“Shoot for the Moon” Photo Contest

We are kicking off a monthly GreyLearning Photo Contest for 2018, and the first contest theme is “Shoot for the Moon”.

For this contest theme photographers are invited to submit their favorite image featuring the moon. The photographer whose image is selected as the winner will receive one year of free access to the GreyLearning Ultimate Bundle.

Images for this photo contest must be submitted no later than February 5, 2018. You can submit an image for the “Shoot for the Moon” photo contest by following this link:

16 Years of “Ask Tim Grey”

Sixteen years ago today I sent out the very first edition of the Ask Tim Grey email newsletter (though at the time it was referred to as “Digital Darkroom Questions”.

It is hard to believe I’ve been at it so long. In fact, through today there have been 3,532 installments of this email newsletter.

To celebrate, we’re offering 16% off any course in the GreyLearning library. Simply use “ask16” (without the quotation marks) in the Coupon Code field during checkout (being sure to click the “Apply” button to apply the discount).

A huge “Thank You!” to all of you who allow the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter into your inbox each day, especially those of you who have been reading for years now. Thank you!

You can check out the GreyLearning video training library here:

New York City Photo Workshop 2018

I happy to announce I will once again be leading a five-day photography workshop in New York City in 2018.

I have lived in New York City for the last seven years, and have spent considerable time exploring and photographing the city during that time. I’ve also been leading photo workshops for more than a decade, and truly believe that our workshops are among the best available to photographers.

My 2018 New York City Photo Experience Workshop is an all-inclusive experience focused on helping you capture great photographs, learn to improve your photographic techniques, and have fun along the way.

For all of the details about the New York City photo workshop for 2018, please follow this link:

New Course: “Understanding Sharpening”

One of the most important steps in preparing your photos to be printed or shared digitally is sharpening. Many photographers find the technical details and practical application of sharpening to be confusing. The new Understanding Sharpening course from GreyLearning can help!

This course includes lessons to help you better understand what sharpening actually is, and how it impacts your photos right down to the pixel level. In addition, you’ll learn specific techniques for applying optimal sharpening using a variety of tools, such as Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom.

Going beyond the specific tools for applying a sharpening effect to your photos, you’ll also learn about additional techniques that can help you extract maximum detail from your photos, while preserving and enhancing the quality of your images.

In short, if you’d like to truly understand the concepts related to sharpening your photos, and learn to apply sharpening with confidence for all types of sharing, this is the course for you!

Total Duration: 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

More Info:

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