Nearly at the Antipode

As a photographer who loves to travel (which isn’t exactly the same as being a travel photographer), I love maps. I enjoy seeing where I am on a map, having GPS coordinates embedded in the metadata for my photos, and browsing a map to see where else I might like to visit.

As I write this I am teaching onboard a ship that is traveling across the Indian Ocean. It just so happens that this puts me reasonably close (at least in global terms) to the “antipode” of my home in New York City.

A photo captured in the Indian Ocean, looking toward the “antipode” of New York City.

So, what exactly is an “antipode”? It is a position exactly opposite another position on the planet. In other words, right now I am very nearly the farthest away from New York City that I can possibly be while on the surface of Earth. It is fascinating to me to ponder this little bit of trivia while looking out at the Indian Ocean toward the nearby antipode of New York City.

The red “target” is the position of the antipode of New York City, and the yellow marker above is the position from which the previous photo was captured.

From this point forward I will be working my way closer to New York, arriving in plenty of time for the all-inclusive field photography workshops I will be leading in May of this year.

If you’re interested in joining me for my New York City Photo Experience Workshop, there is still space available for this year’s second session (May 27-31, 2019). You can get all of the details on my Tim Grey Photo website here: